How to watch Xena

Want to follow along with the podcast? Here are your best bets for watching Xena: Warrior Princess with us. (Some of these links may be affiliate links. This does not affect your purchase price, but may kick back a dollar or two to help support our show.)


Anchor Box Sets

The out-of-print Anchor DVD box sets are still the gold standard for Xena DVDs, because they have 5.1 surround sound mixes for the episodes, and bonus features like commentary, featurettes about the production, and alternate versions for some episodes. I also think the video quality is better than the newer Universal sets (below), but I have’t done a head-to-head comparison.

Even though these are out of print, they are reasonably available as single seasons on eBay, Alibris, and other used DVD places. Sometimes you’ll see the big box set of all six seasons on Amazon, but they’re usually way more expensive than buying the seasons separately.

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

There are more recent DVDs that came out in 2016 that are readily available. You can get the whole series in a box set (buy here from Amazon), they come packed in smaller cases, and they’re much less expensive. However, these discs only include stereo audio (no surround sound), and no extras to speak of.


As of this writing, you can stream Xena on these services:

If these aren’t up to date, you can check JustWatch, to see an updated listing of services.

Digital Download

You can purchase the series on these services:

Found another place that you can watch Xena? Please let us know, so we can share it with everyone!

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Mark "Bob" Boszko has been a fan of Xena since "The Warrior Princess" first aired on the telly. He also podcasts about VFX at The Optical, has a tiki bar and volcano in his basement, and loves to "Make" fun animated projects with Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

1 comment on “How to watch Xena

  1. DW says:

    “Xena” was initially available to view on Netflix and Hulu, but they were removed about 2 years ago. However, all 6 seasons are currently available to watch for free on Tubi. The only drawback is a small set of ads thoughout each episode.
    One thing to watch out for in the future when streaming “Xena” is with regard to missing episodes. When I was watching via Netflix, I noticed 2 episodes were unavailable (the musical episode and another episode I can’t recall). Strangely, Hulu wasn’t missing a single episode.
    If you watch “Xena” regularly, it’s better to invest in the DVD’s to avoid any surprises when streaming networks lose their rights to air it.

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