Win this 2021 Xena calendar

You can win this new 2021* Xena calendar from the Just Gals Being Pals podcast! How? Two ways: Follow us on Twitter @XenaPals AND:

  1. Retweet this linked tweet, and/or
  2. Leave us a review on iTunes & tweet at us with your iTunes user name.

Subscribe to the podcast here at

Must follow the @XenaPals account on Twitter to win. Retweet and/or iTunes review and tweet must be done by midnight, February 28 2021. Each retweet or review counts as one entry. You may do both for two chances to win. One winner will be randomly chosen from all entries.

*Yes, the calendar says 1999, but by the magic of the passage of time, 1999 calendars match up with the dates again for the year 2021, and you can use it for this year!

Mostly harmless.
About the Author
Mark "Bob" Boszko has been a fan of Xena since "The Warrior Princess" first aired on the telly. He also podcasts about VFX at The Optical, has a tiki bar and volcano in his basement, and loves to "Make" fun animated projects with Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

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